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Should you find Karlovema to be something worthy of your time, then you are invited to get involved and participate in changing our world for the better through The Divine Karma of Yeshua Messiah (aka Jesus Christ). On  your own, personal Journey to the Center of Now, there are several ways in which you can become an active part of The New Movement in Karlovema. 

To begin with, you can write to me at

It is very important to hear from you so that I can learn what you think about all this. "The Dialogue," as it were, will forever be an ongoing process. In my view, it works to everyone's advantage whenever someone is willing to offer an opinion - which is something that we all know is unique to each one of us; and therefore pricelessly valuable as well. With your thoughtful insights, the running course of this website and future dialogues hosted on the Karlovema FaceBook Page can only be enhanced by your participation. You are invited!

 "I want to explore more and read more about Karlovema." - Denise Kurner West

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