In order to properly comprehend what the term “Karlovema” is or means by definition, in this case it would be best to begin with what it is not - and so it is declared here accordingly, in the contents of this document, that Karlovema is not a cult, is not a religion and is not a theology.

On the contrary, the fundamental reality of what Karlovema is concisely serves the blessed function of being a living witness testimony to the Divine validity of The Holy Trinity in the form of God-the-Father, God-the-Son and God-the-Holy-Spirit, as outlined by the Words of Yeshua Messiah (aka Jesus Christ) in The Holy Bible: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.” (Matthew 28:19)

It must be understood that the intended agenda discussed here within unfolds in the strength and understanding of this particular Bible verse: "And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation." (2 Corinthians 5:18) “Karlovema”, then, as it were, is thus concerned with [1] personal reconciliation with one’s creator, The One True God, who is named YAHWEH; and [2] global reconciliation with The One True God, who is named YAHWEH (as outlined above in Matthew 28:19).

Rather than seeking to “change the world” from what it is (and always has been), it is instead thought there is more potential for individuals to change their own perceptions of this world to that of a higher moral virtue - one that is directly influenced by the life and ministry of Yeshua Messiah (aka Jesus Christ), thus making this world, one person at a time, a better place for all of us to live in. Therefore, when considering what the term “Karlovema” is or means, the notion of joining any particular religion is not a requirement in order to be blessed through the experience of Active God-Consciousness; which, in essence, best describes what the “Practice” of Karlovema actually is. Therefore, it is accordingly understood that of itself, Karlovema is not and cannot be considered a religion; but instead, it is the name of technique of Personal Holy Awareness to shared benefit.

One cannot [necessarily] “teach” another person how to become consistently aware of Divine Nature, or of The Holy Spirit of Yeshua Messiah (aka Jesus Christ), or of The Holy Design with which our universe and everything in it occurs and moves through reality; however, even a cursory study of the origins of the word KARLOVEMA can yield itself as a Spiritual Signpost that one may use to help remind oneself of Holy Presence in everyday life.

One may ask directly: What does the term, “Karlovema”, mean?

Below is a written explanation from 2013 by Michael James Fry, the man who innovated Karlovema into mainstream global thinking: 

“The term, KARLOVEMA, is an original derivative taken from the two words, ‘Love’ and ‘Karma.’ However, the word, ‘Karma,’ as used here, has nothing to do with old-school definitions that are found in such well-known schools-of-thought as that of Hinduism, Buddhism, Kabbalah, Theosophy, Eckankar or Spiritism; or as openly embraced by the   Rosicrucians, the Cathars, the Druze, or the Hari Krishnas - or as found in various other religious splinter groups or in the so-called 'New-Age' movement. To be clear about this: the word, ‘Karlovema,’ per se, by definition does not mean or imply classic notions of ‘Reincarnation.’ This is because the popular illusion of ‘multiple lives,’ as it were, quite simply does not exist: ‘And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.’ (Hebrews 9:27)

"In the realm of Astrophysiotheology, (re: an original research paper that is still being written by Michael James Fry which successfully links Astronomy, Physics and Theology,) . . . The term, 'KARMA', when coupled with its multi-dimensional properties, has been completely redefined into 21st Century terms that can best be understood as a study in Holy Universal Physics.

“On the whole, then, Karlovema is an experience which focuses upon a brand new scope of Divine Concentration. Karlovema describes the true meaning in how the religious ebb-and-flow of personal Spiritual Warfare operates through a focused investigation which is pioneering with regard to use of the word ‘Karma’ as it pertains to Astrophysiotheological consideration. The value of Karlovema is not a merely expressed by the sum total impact of a well-researched theoretical suggestion; but instead is also partially founded in mathematical fact, as well! (RE: Rick Larson/The Star of Bethlehem: www.bethlehemstar.com) This unique experience, then, is something that is actually tangible not only to human comprehension; but also to the overall improvement of the conscious human experience. Indeed, this important study in Chronic Spiritual Warfare directly refers us to an enlightened experience of the soul which can, with a properly trained mind, allow for conscious, intentional movement through The Great Karmic Wheel from personal to shared benefit; blessed movement that is generated by and inspired by The Holy Will of The One True God.

“In this very specific context, a new system of more wholly perceptive and reasonably earned opinion comes into view. This new way of ‘taking in life through CHRIST,’ as it were, is described in Karlovemic Thought as ‘Second Sight.’ Second Sight is a spiritual tool that is designed to consciously embody this particular form of spiritual focus (called KARMA) toward personal or shared benefit - which is wherein the quest for ‘Truthful Virtue’ makes its expected appearance in the heart, mind and soul of any seeker of Holy Actualization in the Free World.

“Of itself, the word, ‘Karlovema,’ physically demonstrates how this tangible system of spiritual understanding or enlightened awareness operates: in the spelling of the word, K-A-R-L-O-V-E-M-A, you will see the word LOVE literally in the middle of the word, KARMA. Therefore, in its newly-defined terms, (i.e. meaning Astrophysiotheologically,) LOVE universally operates as the central, spiritual barometer given to us by The One True God which indicates the combinative strength of any individual person's KARMA. In simple language, ‘Karma’ is what defines the strength of an individual  person's current spiritual status quo at any given point in time as that of a measured distance between our heart and The Holy Heart of The One True God: a strong Karma operates in close proximity to our Lord in heaven while a weak Karma operates in distance from our Lord in heaven. Therefore, when taken in this very individualized context, use of ‘21st Century Karma,’ as it were, then usefully becomes a perceivable measurement of real-time faith that, with regard to the combinative impact of the physical, the chemical, the spiritual, the emotional and the psychological makeup of who we are at any particular given point in time, allows us the possibility of using wisdom enough to actually and/or knowingly increase the strength of our Karma to conscious Christian benefit. In other words, Karlovema is a tool of conscious, deliberate method; it hosts a movement of spiritual transport which brings us ever closer to Holy Truth. Success in this crucial endeavor is what takes us directly into ‘The Holy Karmic  Now’ (which means, literally, an active and living 'God-Consciousness.') To be sure about this: we want to understand that when used properly, the practice of Karlovema can actually help us to knowingly yield worldly circumstances to personal and/or shared benefit instead of unknowingly (or perhaps even tragically) investing them into an ambiguously drawn system of balances that are inexplicably and unreliably issued from Somewhere-Over-The-Rainbow (i.e. meaning, specifically, that of the deceitfully rumored existence of 'Reincarnation.')

“The sacred symbol for Karlovema, (see below) which was faithfully created by Michael James Fry in 2003, literally means, ‘The Holy Trinity’, and it passionately serves as the formal icon of this wholly Christian Agenda.” 

Lastly, so that there may be no misunderstanding whatsoever in this important matter, it is further stated here that all values expressed through the notion of “Karlovema” must agree with Biblical Scripture, lest that expression be false, misleading or inspired by the Dark side. In other words, if it (whatever “it” is) – if it doesn’t agree with Biblical Scripture, then it is not recognized or supported by “Karlovemic Thought”.

Thank you and may Yahweh bless you today.

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