The Karlovema Glossary

 יהוה = YHWH (The One True God)  /  יהושע = YESHUA MESSIAH (aka Jesus Christ)

AMMAH  - Cubit(s)

ASHSHUR - Assyria

BA'AL - Lord*

BABEL - Babylon

BARAK - Bless*/Blesses/Blessed

BARUK - Blessed

BERAKAH - Blessings

BIREKOTH - Blessings

BEN - Son

CHRIST - "Annointed One"


EL / ELOAH / ELOHIM - Almighty (God*)

EL SHADDAI - The Almighty


HAI - Life

HALLELUYAH - You Praise Yah

HALLEL YAH - Praise Yah

HEYKAL - Temple*

HOLY KARMIC NEGATIVE - All things that influence a person's mind or perception towards darkness in any form

HOLY KARMIC POSITIVE - All things that influence a person's mind or perception towards any form of TRUE light

IBRI / IBRIM - Hebrew / Hebrews

KARLOVEMA The term, KARLOVEMA, is an original derivative taken from the two words, "Love" and "Karma." However, the word, "Karma," as used here, has no association with old-school, pre-21st Century definitions.  To be clear about this: the word, "Karlovema," per se, by definition does not mean or imply classic notions of  "Reincarnation." This is because the popular delusion of "multiple lives," as it were, quite simply does not exist: "And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment." (Hebrews 9:27) Karlovema is then best understood as Karma in the form of a present-time, very real-world experience. Therefore, any event in the running course of our everyday lives that acts as an agent of spiritual engagement into active God-Consciousness - in the present moment - can bring us into direct contact with The Holy Spirit of Yeshua Messiah (aka Jesus Christ) via our Holy Awareness - or to put it more simply:  Karlovema is active God-Consciousness with Yahweh.

KERUB / KERUBRIM - Angelic Being(s)

KOHEN - Priest*

KOHENIM - Priests

KOHEN ha'GADOL - High Priest

KENHUNNAH - Priesthood

LITURGY - a form or formulary according to public religious worship, especially Christian worship, is conducted. (Synonyms: ritual worship, service, rite, observance, celebration, sacrament)

MADAI - Media

MASHIAH - Messiah (Christ*)

ha'MASHIAH - The Messiah


MATSTSOTH - Unleavened bread


MIQDASH - Set-Apart place (Sanctuary)

MIQDASHIM - Set-Apart places

MISHKAN - Dwelling place (Tabernacle)

MISHKANOTH - Dwelling places


MOEDIM - The "appointed times" assigned by Yahweh that are given in Jewish Scriptures

NABI - Prophet*

NEBI'IM - Prophets

NEBIYAH - Prophetess

NABA - Prophesy*/Prophesying

NABU - Prophesied

NEBUAH - Prophecy

NEBOUTH - Prophecies

PARAS - Persia

PELESHETH - Philistia

The Pentateuch is comprised of the first five books of the Bible that conservative Bible scholars believe were written mostly by Moses. Also known as the "Torah" .

PESAH - Passover

PERATH - Euphrates

QODESH - Set* Apart (Holy*)

QODESHAH - Set-Apartness (Holiness)

QODESHI - Set-Apart One (Saint*)

QODESHIM - Set-Apart Ones (Saints)

QADOSH - Set-Apart (Sanctify/Sanctified)

QADOSH ONE - Set-Apart One

RUAH ha'QODESH - Set-Apart Spirit (Holy Spirit)

RUAH - Spirit

RUAHOTH - Spirits

SANHEDRIN - An assembly of twenty-three to seventy-one men appointed in every city in the Land of Israel. In the Hebrew Bible, Moses and the Israelites were commanded by Yahweh to establish the courts of judges who were given full authority over the people of Israel, who were commanded by Yahweh to obey every word the judges instructed and every law they established. (Source: Wikipedia)

SATAN - (Literally, "The Adversary") Chief spiritual opponent of Yeshua Messiah (aka Jesus Christ)

SEPTUAGINT - The original Greek version of the Old Testament, (which is the oldest known OT manuscript), is traditionally said to have been translated by 70 or 72 Jewish scholars at the request of Ptolemy II. Most scholars  believe that only the Pentateuch was accomplished in the early part of the 3rd Century, B.C., and that the remaining books were translated during the next two centuries. 

SHABBATH - Sabbath



SHALOM - Peace

SHAMAYIM - Heaven(s)

SHAVOUT - An event that commemorates the anniversary of the day that Yaweh gave the Torah to the entire nation of Israel that was assembled at Mount Sinai, although the association between the giving of the the Torah (aka "Matan Torah") and Shavout is not explicit in Biblical text.

SUKKOTH - Booths

TALMID - Taught One

TALMIDIM - Taught Ones (Disciples)



T'FILLEN - Phylacteries / Frontlets

TORAH - Hebrew word meaning "Teaching" or "Instruction" or "Law"; also known as the "Pentateuch".

TSITSIT -Tassles


YAHUDI - Jew/Jewish

YAWAN - Greece


YOBEL - Jubilee

YOM ha'KIPPURIM - Day of Atonements

YOM TERUAH - Day of Trumptets

*  (denotes Pagen origin)

SOURCES: Various Holy Bibles (including the "Halleluyah Scriptures"), the internet, various other books

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