Thank you for visiting this website. My witness to you in this relevatory study about the Universal Physics of Astrophysiotheology is that Truth is more than unchanging law; and that Karlovema (pronounced Car-low-VAY-muh) is the name of that Truth. I understand Karlovema to be in harmonic alignment with all that is written in The Holy Bible; and with equal importance, that of itself, Karlovema does not change, contradict, challenge or comprise essential Christian thought - nor does Karlovema harbor any objective to alter any religion, government, politic, philosophy, science, history, medicine, law of physics, mathematic, discipline, personal or shared shared belief system, or any other school-of-thought. Each seeker must derive his or her own Truth.

So with that in mind, you are invited to identify what the obstacles are in your life and learn a simple technique to help reduce (or possibly even eliminate) their power or powers over you. The secret formula for finding the answers you seek as move through life lie in the type of questions that you ask; and the way to orchestrate how to best negotiate that into reliable benefit comes directly from the conscious observation of one or more of the five Karmic Dimensions that are available to Human Experience: [1] The Physical, [2] The Chemical, [3] The Spiritual, [4] The Emotional and [5] The Psychological. These are the realms of actuality that in every way accommodate the whole of conscious experience. All these that move through you contribute to the sum total presence of your conscious, living soul - and this is because all the many different energies that comprise the vibrant presence of your living soul literally establishes who you are and what you exude in this life - and for all of us, they also tend to firmly direct the trajectory of your personal potential.

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(PHOTOGRAPHER: Martynas Musteikis / 2014) 

 In addition to the textbook apologetic called, "Karlovema: An Astrophysiotheology of The Holy Universal Matrix," you are also invited to take a life-changing adventure through music, poetry, astronomy, physics, theology, philosophy, art, photography and theatre.

You are invited take your own Journey to the Center of Now through the character of Remavyen, whose literary and artistic presence (whether it be on the stage, on the page or on the screen) embodies the collective soul of all of humanity; and who - through us - passionately struggles with personal understanding in the new Rock Opera Theatrical Spectacle entitled, "Karlovema: An Epic Rock Poem."

On this website, we investigate the history of how Karlovema came to be the world's first Astrophysiotheology; and in conjunction with the book and opera written about Karlovema, we seek to more comprehensively understand how the very fabric of our physical universe serves as an Holy Canvas for every expression moving through the infinite course of The Great Karmic Wheel. In the well-researched insights that we explore in the book and in the opera, we find how a clear examination of The Divine Autograph can lead the student of Karlovema into finding a higher resolution in such perplexing matters as time, place, meaning and purpose. 

Over the years it's been shown to me that without a doubt the philosohpy, music, art, poetry, literature and photography spurned forth from this endeavor have already touched the hearts, minds and souls of many different kinds of people - people who honestly desire to find and seek out new, more comprehensive understandings of Truth that help more deeply explain The Holy Tao of One True God and His Eternally Divine Glory to us once and for all; and in the midst thereof I have found a hope derived from a worthwhile and unique insight into what the true meaning of life is really all about - a very real, very tangible HOPE that I would like to share with you:

My Message to you concerns how right now is the only available living time we have in every area of our lives to genuinely and clearly know who we are, why we are here and what our purpose is in this life is.

We want to remove the obstacles in our lives that oppress us into spiritual poverty through an honest and blessed ambition of Holy Origin; and furthermore, we want to accomplish this in a truly rewarding and satisfying way. Therefore, in simple order we examine Karlovema - a breakthrough study in 21st Century Thought that takes Universal Physics as its primary focus in efforts used to uncover the central mechanics that underlie what Karma actually is and how it actually operates. In plain terms, this study theoretically links the movements of all things to the movements of all other things through HOLY UNIVERSAL LAW. Truly, everything there is as it unfolds through its natural course, from every then into every now in the changing densities of all moving things now and forever in all directions, this Divine Order moves on an infinite scale that is wholly is instigated by The Mind of Yaweh through the spectacular miracle of His Eternally Holy Design: THE GREAT KARMIC WHEEL. It is our mission, then, to move through this Great Wheel of Eternal Existence with the accepted Holy Ambition of establishing and sustaining WORLD PEACE THROUGH INNER PEACE IN UNIVERSAL CHRIST. Indeed, this is no easy task, I know; but in my experience it is ultimately more satisfying to pursue Truth than it is to hide from it.

"In my talks with people from all over the world, it is clear that many find Karlovema to express convincing evidence that there is something larger at work in our lives that by Holy Design lives both within us and beyond us." ~ Michael James Fry

Thank you very much for visiting this website. May Yahweh bless you and keep you safe; and may you always be filled with The Holy Spirit of Yeshua Messiah!



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