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 An Astrophysiotheology of The Holy Universal Matrix


"It is love that is the acting, moving and healing agent through which all of Holy Revelation takes place. Then with an active God to embrace instead of a passive god to conjecture, perspetive then becomes that seed which, with proper love and care, eventually blooms into a beautiful expression of truth - something of an eternal value which exudes the grandest of order and the highest of excellence; a moving, changing and blossoming expression of Holy Glory borne from the Mind of God, and moving through a tangible life that is no longer dreamt dormant in the heart - for through Jesus Christ we now know that life is an experience meant to be shared: "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them."  (Matthew 18:20)


"So regardless of who you are or where you come from or what you are up against in life right now, I [also] want to stress to you that your calling in life can only occur in this present moment. Make no mistake about it - for better or worse, how you handle your Karma (meaning your relationship with God) is what puts you exactly where you are in this life. As each moment blends in to the next, this is true all across the playing board because your happiness is not dependant upon what other people think about you, or what they feel about you, or what they say about you or even what they do to you; but instead, the health of your Karma is ultimately determined by how you appreciate (or view) your experiences in life as they pertain to your relationship with God. The impact of the collective whole of your Karma is the entire barometer through which all of conscious life filters experience through. How you feel about these matters is what is in your heart, which vibrates your personal rhythm in the sum total presence of all your dimensional Karma."


"Ultimately there is a personal authority to which each of us must answer to that tells us who we are, what we think and how we feel. In that we are the makers of our own destinies, this authority is the Mind. It is the battlefield through which all discernment, influence, character, opinion, identification, reference, lesson, acceptacne or rebuke takes place; and in one sense, the health of a person's mind is the health of that person's Karma. So we're clear, I want to stress that as previously mentioned, by the term Karma we mean the health of your personal relationship with God as it stands RIGHT NOW."


"There is what appears, there is what appears to other people and then there is what appears to you. Your inner witness is your faith, but do you really know what you witness? We shall see: in these pages, we consider how the universe in which we live conintually expands its 100 billion or so galaxies into the space that it creates; and that very effeciently and very  effectively all across the vast expanses of millions and millions of light years of unimaginable distance there are heard the sounds of an interstellar orchestra forever singing harmonies indigenous to their own Divine Element. In terms of physics, we have learned there is no time at light speed; and so all things travelling at speeds less than that of an infinite value incur time - and so in turn, relatively speaking, everything is connected mathematically via the measured value of its movement velocity. On a scale this large, it would be impossible for us to 'see' this principle at work - we don't 'see' infinity; and so in the manner of not everything being seen with the physical eye, everything is nonetheless connected in one way or another, (once again) by the measured differences in movement velocity."


"But all in all it's time to get real: as a single human society on this one planet, our present-time global health status quo demands that we immediately and very seriously realize our important need to reexamine what we philosophically dogmatize ourselves with. Who are we? Do we know who and what we are in the form of a singular expression borne in in the guise of a globally collective identity? Have we really come together as a single human race of beings with a clear and unified identity unto ourselves as The People of the Earth, who consciously represent a streamlined maturity of uniform application in our global thinking? Indeed! Do we reasonably comprehend who and what we are in relation to ourselves and in relation to the rest of the universe? In the sometimes paralyzing ethics of our governments, philosophies, virtue, politics, entertainment, culture, competition, science, medicine and religion, the answers to such simple forms of collective question can easily become lost. " 


"And so without a doubt, the recent dawn of our new century has ushered us directly into a new global mix of confusion through the most devistating of all initiations; which, of course, would have to be the tragic and eye-opening events of 911. Because of the evil events of that day not-so-long-ago, our world today reflects an important and historical time of non-reversible planetary change; and current statistics alone prove our need to move past all that seems to challenge what we currently view as predictible, irrational or impossible; and instead more aggressively move towards the central depth of every new challenge that faces each of us - because the old days are OVER. The future can only be as bright as we make it out to be; but wouldn't prudent judgment demand that we both individually and collectively we seek to more realistically negotiate how, in the immediacy of all things, the ultimate higher authority that each of us must answer to is ourselves? In Matthew 12:30 Jesus tells us, "Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters." And so accordingly, have not our present day global stakes risen to that very height?"


"Life is a journey no matter who you are or where you are or when you are; and no matter who or what you are up against right now, nothing at all will ever come along and satisfy every question. From Aldous Huxley to William Blake to Jim Morrison to us, there is the known and there is the unknown, and in between are The Doors of Perception - the filter through which all Karma is realized/actualized. Our battle of questions has clearly opened up a jackpot of learning potential that, when properly realized and applied, can serve to bring opposing forces together  - which in this case are science and religion - into a singular, synergenetically stronger and perhaps more accurate [overall] perspective. It's just like when the Warner Brothers and Twentieth Century Fox movie studios got together back in 1974 in a first-time joint effort to produce Irwin Allen's classic motion picture disaster epic, "The Towering Inferno." This film was hugely successful in its day; and in like manner, I believe the marriage of science and religion, (though rocky at times,) can still adapt their differences into a work of mutually beneficial wisdom."

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