2/1/15 - I was fortunate enough to assist in offering The Sacrament of Holy Communion at The Good Shepherd United Methodist Church in New Carlisle, Ohio.

December, 2014 - I completed the painting entitled, "IRISH ETERNAL LOVE SYMBOL"

11/22/14 - I completed the painting entitled, "KARLOVEMA CHRISTMAS"

10/19/14 - I completed the painting entitled, "SWORD OF TRUTH"

9/7/14 - I participated in offering the Sacrament of Holy Communion for the very first time in my life at The Good Shepherd United Methodist Church in New Carlisle / Park Layne, Ohio.

6/13/14 - I completed the set of sister paintings called JOHN WESLEY and CHARLES WESLEY

 5/19/ 2014:

Late one afternoon, a photographer by the name of Anthony Lewis spotted me near the intersection of 6th Avenue and 17th Street in New York City while I was wearing one of my KARLOVEMA jackets. He asked if he might photograph me and then feature that photograph on his website ~ I said YES ~ He took one shot only, thanked me and walked away.

The photo he took is a the right ------------------->

 Here is the link to his webpage:


5/25/14 - I delivered three related paintings (which is known as a TRIPTYCH) to JOHNY'S LUNCHEONETTE on West 25th Street in NYC: JOHNY'S LUNCHEONETTE, MEET ME AT JOHNY'S and GOOD FOOD, GOOD PEOPLE. You can see these paintings at this website in the ART GALLERY. Anyway, It felt good to do this since 2Bros Pizza (6TH Avenue and 25th Street in NYC) had recently taken my custom-made Triptych that I created for them in 2012 and down off the wall and threw them in the garbage without even notifying me. I had left them with my contact information, but they failed to properly return those paintings to me - So it felt really good to create a new Triptych for JOHNY'S LUNCHEONETTE.

 4/15/14 - I deliverd a new painting to FaFa Cafe in Manhattan called FAFA CAFE COFFEE

 4/4/14 - I delivered two completed paintings to FaFa Cafe, on West 37th Street in Manhatan: [1] HAVE A NICE DAY, and [2] FAFA CAFE MAKES THE BEST HUMMUS AND BABA GANOUISH

2/19/14 - I was walking in the streets of NYC this morning, and a European guy with a really nice camera just did an on-the-spot photo shoot with me. He saw me wearing my Black Leather Karlovema Motorcycle Jacket, which is apparently what attracted him to me in the first place, (see photo at the right) - and he was photographing me, taking a series of candid shots as I was walking along. In some of the photos, you can clearly read the Rocker Bars on the back of the jacket, which read: [1] "Karlovema" (on the top) and [2] "An Epic Rock Poem" (on the bottom). I didn't know it was happening at the time; but then, on a section of 26th Street, he approached me and asked to take more photos of me. Immediately, I began scoping the scene for something to use as a backdrop - anything nearby with some kind of an "industrial" feel to it (as this was all very impulsive, you see . . . but it worked out well!) I then gave him my email address and should receive the photos in "a couple of days." Excellent! 

UPDATE: The guy never did email the image to me.


                       ABOVE: This is the original,                        Black Leather Karlovema Motorcycle Jacket 

1/29/14 - A half-page, color photographic feature of/article about  the religious artwork given to The Good Shepherd United Methodist Church appeared in The New Carlisle News newspaper.

1/15/14 - Installation of 8 original paintings at The Good Shepherd United Methodist Church, in New Carlisle/Park Layne, Ohio.

1/3/14 - Played a gig at the PENNY LANE COFFEE SHOP / ART GALLERY in New Carlisle, Ohio, with musical virtuoso Herb Beck, including some of the music from "Karlovema: An Epic Rock Poem."

12/29/13 - I played/sang "Silent Night, Holy Night" for Music Sunday at The Good Shepherd United Methodist Church, in Park Layne, Ohio.

12/9/13 - I completed my painting called "JESUS CHRIST" - which is the first medieval ICON I've ever done. This painting is now in the private art collection of Kathryn Matson of Brighton, Colorado.

11/8/13 - I completed my painting of "Icthus" (the FISH), which is an ancient symbol for Christianity. 

11/5/13 - I completed my painting of The Flaming Torch, which in ancient Christianity means, "Witness to Christ."

11/3/13 - I completed my painting of "IHC" (which is the ancient version of "IHS" ~ the first three letters in the Greek abbreviation of the name, JESUS: Iota, Eta, Sigma.)

11/1/13 - I completed my [first] painting of the "Fleur-de-Lis" 

10/31/13- My third radio interview for The Dusty Show with Clay Pigeon aired on WFMU Radio FM 91.1

10/29/13 - I completed my painting called, "The Holy Eternal Trinity"

10/28/13 - I completed my painting called,"Jesus Christ: Conqueror"

10/27/13 - I officially joined The United Methodist Church of the Village in New York City (as an affiliate member) and I gave that church my two paintings, entitled, "The United Methodist Church" and "The Chi-Rho." 

10/17/13 - I completed my painting called, "The Chi Rho"

10/10/13 - I completed my painting called, "Yaweh" (which is "God" written in the Hebrew alphabet.) 

10/9/13 - I completed my painting called, "Yeshua" (which is "Jesus" written in the Hebrew alphabet.) 

10/12/13 -  I completed my painting called, "The United Methodist Church"

9/19/13 - My second radio interview for "The Dusty Show" by Clay Pigeon was broadcast on WFMU 91.1 from out of Jersey City, New Jersey. This hour-long feature highlights interviews with the average "man-or-woman-on-the-street" and music. My segment closes the show; and in the hour-long broadcast feature, my segment begins at 49.09 on the timeline progression bar. To listen to this interview, just click on this link: SECOND RADIO INTERVIEW

9/18/13- I bought a brand new, "Epiphone Jumbo" acoustic/electric guitar (with a natural finish) at Sam Ash Music on West 34th Street in Manhattan. I bought this guitar, specifically, to play the music of Karlovema.

9/15/13 - Pastor Linda Mattila produced a video of me discussing living life sober in a new video entitled, " How I Got Clean ~ Michael James Fry". To watch this video, just click on this link: HOW I GOT CLEAN

8/25/13 - I was given a full-immersion water bapsizm by Pastor Tom Hanover in the Mad River, near the Taylorsville Dam. To look at photos of the event, just click on this link: Michael's Bapstism

AUGUST, 2013 - I went LIVE on the internet with good friend, Eric Tittle, as a guest on his weekly Bible Study broadcast, which is hosted by the Shalom Assembly, out of Huber Heights, Ohio.

6/17/13 - The poem entitled, NEW CREATION is written and published to the internet.

5/12/13 - The poem entitled, COWBOY IN THE CITY, was written and published to the internet.

4/30/13 - The epic poem entitled, THE THEATRE OF LIFE, was completed and published it to the internet.

4/4/13 - The poem entitled, THE WAR WITHIN, was written and published to the internet.

3/23/13 - The poem entitled, MY TALISMAN'S MARK, was written and published it to the internet.

Christmas 2012 - Feb 1, 2013 - Extended vacation in Ohio.

8/12 - 10/29/12 - NYC apartment renovations unfortunately followed by HURRICANE SANDY.

8/23/12 - The poem entitled, GHOSTS OF THE FUTURE, was written and published to the internet.

8/3/12 -  The painting called, "HAVE A NICE DAY" was created and posted to the internet.

7/30/12 - A third painting in the CHELSEA 2BROS PIZZA series, (called, "IT'S PIZZA TIME!") establishes a "TRIPTYCH." A triptych is, essentially, a three-paneled work of art, which is what this important display at CHELSEA 2BROS PIZZA wound up being. The full dimensions of this work measures in at a full six feet by eighteen inches. This day was the host of a Landmark Event for me as an artist!

7/27/12 -  A second painting called, "HAVE A SLICE" was added to the CHELSEA 2BROS PIZZA series of works which are located at the corner of 6th Avenue and 25th Street in New York City. On this date, I also wrote and posted a poem to the internet called, "Ghosts of the Future."

7/24/12 - A painting called, "MY PLACE DELI ~ BEST FALAFEL IN NEW YORK" was completed and given to the MY PLACE DELI establishment at Broadway and 26th Street in New York City.

7/20/12 - A painting called, "OLYMPIA DELI MAKES GOOD COFFEE" is completed and given to the owners of the OLYMPIA DELI establishment located on 6th Avenue between 25th and 26th Streets in New York City.

7/14/12 - A painting called, "MEET ME AT JOHNY'S" is completed and given to the owner of Johny's Luncheonette, which is located at 124 West 25th Street in New York City.

7/6/12 - A painting called, "CHELSEA 2 BROS PIZZA" tis completed and given to the CHELSEA 2BROS PIZZA establishment at 6th Avenue and 25th Street in New York City.

7/5/12 - A painting called, "HAPPY FACE", is created and posted to the internet.

6/29/12 -  A painting called, "NUCLEAR AFTERMATH" ~ (which is considered to be a "Sister Painting" to the one called, "SUN AND CLOUDS.") is completed and posted to the internet.

6/18/12 - A five-hour photo shoot for The Red Bull Study.

6/9/12 -  A painting called, "SUN AND CLOUDS", is completed and posted to the internet.

6/3/12 - A colored pencil on plywood drawing entitled, "Psalm 1:3", is completed and posted to the internet.

5/11/12 - The first rough-cut DVD edition of the movie "KARLOVEMA LIVE!" is completed.

5/8/12 - Phillip Thies created a digital art image called INSANITY based upon a particular vintage Karlovema photograph.

5/6/12 - A commercial drawing is given to "MY PLACE DELI" in NYC.

4/27/12 -  A third commercial work ~ a painting entitled, "Chhaya News, NYC", is completed and delivered on location in Chelsea, Manhattan.

4/19/12 - A "sister" painting to the one called, "LOVE", simply called, "OLYMPIA DELI", is created and given to the owners of that NYC establishment for permanent 24/7 public display.

4/18/12 - A  new painting called, "LOVE", is created.

4/16/12 - A  new painting called, "KARLOVEMA!" is created.

4/13/12 - The painting called "LONER," is created, and another painting called "GATEWAY TO  NIBURU" is finally completed.

4/11/12 - I painted my first "SELF PORTRAIT" on canvas.

4/5/12 -  A painting entitled, "HAPPY EASTER" is created and posted to the internet.

3/31/12 - 4/1/12 - Inspired by the creation of the Phillip Thies painting called, "STREET SCENE," I then couldn't wait any a moment longer and immediately proceeded to create my very first canvas painting ever, called: "ARRIVAL."

3/29/12 - 3/31/12 - New York artist/actor Phillip Thies drops by my apartment for a few hours each morning for three days in a row; and, after having turned my kitchen into an art studio, he created the beautiful 26 X 36 " 2012 Karlovema painting called, "Street Scene." He completed that painting and then gave it to me as a birthday gift on March 31, 2012.

3/22/12 - The two 2012 Karlovema paintings by Ohio artist Paul David Slagle called "The Album Cover" and "Carousel" arrive in New York City and are later featured on stage and on camera at the April 3rd KARLOVEMA LIVE! show.

3/11/12 - A new series of music rehearsal demos were recorded by me in Brooklyn to help with future projects.

3/10/12 - New York artist/actor Phillip Theis created a new flyer for the upcoming KARLOVEMA LIVE! show on April 3. Also, good friend  Nancy Marine-Dickinson requests and is granted permission to use a Karlovema photo for an online article about difficulties in the Travel Industry. Click on this link to check out the article/photo:  Exploration Travel Magazine

3/9/12 - I was fortunate enough to be featured in an online project created by New York photographer Gene Bradford that is hosted by flicker.com and is entitled, "100 Strangers"  . . .  Mr. Bradford had stumbled upon the Karlovema photo shoot on March 8 at the Bandshell in Central Park completely at random and instantly struck up a healthy artistic rapport with me. Click HERE to view the online gallery featuring three new Karlovema photos.

3/8/12 - Some friends of mine named Phillip Theis, Joey Rios and Chris Bernardo gather together with me for a photo shoot at the Bandshell in Central Park to create images from which to promote the upcoming KARLOVEMA LIVE! show on April 3, and to disuss plans for the NYC MNN Cable Network Television taping of the show that night.

2/22/12 -  A brief video entitled, "The Art of Syd Barrett", is created and posted to YouTube.

2/19/12 - Artist/Actor Phillip Theis paints a rendition of The Roots Man on his LIVE Sunday/Wednesday internet art program called, "The Life Sucks Show." 

LATE DECEMBER, 2011 to EARLY FEBRUARY, 2012 - This was an extraordinary "time out" from BIG CITY LIFE in which I spent more than a fair amount of time with a very special community of artists, actors, singers, dancers, photographers, filmmakers and theatrical directors out at a farmhouse in Ohio called WOLFBANE MANOR. It was during this time that, while living both there and at my parents' house, several Karlovema-related projects were fast developing into a group desire to create a movie based upon The Rock Opera. During this very unique time, I wrote two [related] screenplays that were both based upon the epic poem that serves as the libretto for the opera. While the freezing climate proved too cold to shoot outdoors in the wintertime on the particular day slated for the actual shooting, an impromptu video test/photo that had occurred prior to the scheduled shooting day did manage to conjure up an interesting experiment  - though resulting in only a very few photographs and a few short video clips.

Also, during this time, it was impossible not to find myself completely overwhelmed and at the mercy of the insane beauty of Wolfbane Manor and its surrounding wooded terrain - and after having taken over 300 photographs of the truly lovely house and grounds, my thought is to publish a coffee table book about it.

12/19/11 - The first draft of the new play written by actor/artist Phillip Thies and myself called, "WAITING", is completed.

12/16/11 - The next KARLOVEMA LIVE! show date set for "116" MacDougal street is confirmed for Tuesday, April 3, 2012.

11/30/11 - The second KARLOVEMA LIVE! show at "116" MacDougal occurs to a rousing success.

11/28/22 - A flyer is created to be given to the audience at the KARLOVEMA LIVE! show on November 30.

11/27/11  "Karlovema: Expositions" is the first Full-Length feature documentary/promo film about Karlovema called which was produced and posted to YouTube on this date.

11/24/11 - New York artist/actor Phillip Theis begins writing a two-character play with me under the title of "WAITING." While this is not a play about anything directly related to Karlovema, per se; the subject matter could be [somewhat] philosophically based upon portions of Karlovemic Thinking.

11/23/11 - Photo endorsements are obtained from International Gardens, Inc and Chhaya News in NYC.

11/22/11 - The FaceBook Page entitled, "World Peace Through Inner Peace" is created. Also, public photo endorsements for Karlovema are obtained from local businesses such as the Olympia Deli, Johny's Grill & Luncheonette and My Place Deli in New York City.

11/21/11 -  LIFE IN A DAY / "Michael James Fry: World Peace Through Inner Peace" ~ A "Life in a Day" motion picture video submission created for the film of the same title on 7/24/10. It was both produced and posted to YouTube on this date.

11/18/11 - A video called, "Karlovema: Drawings 2006" is produced and posted on YouTube.

11/17/11 -The two video titles "The Stephen King Library" and "Karlovema Photography 2009-2011" are both created and posted on YouTube on this date.

11/15/11 - Three short videos  are produced and posted to YouTube on this date: [1] "The Nasa Apollo Missions: WE CAME IN PEACE," [2] "Karlovema: Archangel Michael" and [3] "Edgar Allen Poe (1809-1849)"


11/14/11 - On this evening at dusk, I was walking due SOUTH on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan and very clearly saw how the sun was setting IN THE SOUTH. Upon rising the next morning on the 14th, it was noted that the sun did rise in the east. This seems to point the notion of the much-talked-about magnetic pole-reversal of 2011-2012.

11/13/11 - The promotional film, "Karlovema: Welcome to the Journey" is produced and posted to YouTube.

11/10/11 - The promotional film, "Karlovema: The 2010 Music Rehearsal Demos COMPLETE" is produced and posted on YouTube on this date. Another unrelated film entitled, "Death of Park Layne Drive-In (An Alternate Version)" is also produced and posted to YouTube on this date.

11/9/11 - The two promotional films, "KARLOVEMA NOW ON FACEBOOK" and "Karlovema: The Journey Begins" were both produced and posted on YouTube on this date.

11/7/11 - A promotional flyer is created for the November 30th Karlovema Show down at 116 MacDougal Street in Greenwich Village.

10/28/11 - The brief film called, "At Any Given Moment" is produced and posted on YouTube.

10/22/11 - At dusk on this evening, Elizabeth and her mother Rachel and me were at the Hylan Shopping Plaza in Staten Island, New York; and together we witnessed a very strange phenomenon appearing across the full length of the extended horizon: there was an enormous black, lightless cloud that stretched from one end of the sky to the other - a black curtain of total darkness that was completely blocking out what should have been a visible, setting sun for that night. Planes were seen flying in the darkness that appeared as if it were night; yet at the same time, had those very same planes been flying above the [cloud-like] shifting top border of the wall, they would have appeared as flying through a half-lit evening sunset. It looked as if someone had taken a giant paint brush and simply blocked the sunset from being seen from that angle on that particular night. So dark was this mysterious (and entirely fake-looking) monstrosity that visible rays of sunlight were seen jutting up from BEHIND the top of the Big Black Cloud. Sadly, no one on hand had a camera; but each of the three witnesses do collaborate the stories of the other two. (Michael feels this was a blatant example of Project Blue Beam actively at work.)

10/6/11 - The short film "1970's Teenage Blast II" is produced and posted on YouTube on this date.

10/2/11 - The brief memorial film, "In Loving Memory of Greg Glay (1964 - 2011)," is produced and posted to YouTube.

10/1/11 - Another brief film entitled, "My Best Fake UFO Shots"  is produced and posted on YouTube.

11/30/11 -  The short film entitled, "Psychedelic Central Park"  is produced and posted on YouTube with all photography for the film shot in the park on that very same day.

9/29/11 - Two more ONE MINTUE promotional films called "The Life of Jesus Christ" and "John Wesley (1703-1791)" are produced and posted to YouTube on this date.

9/28/11 - Two short promotional films called "The Art of God" and "1970's Teenage Blast" were produced and posted to YouTube on this date.

9/27/11 - More brief promotional fims in the ONE MINUTE series were created and posted to YouTube on this date: "Welcome to The Great Karmic Wheel,"   World Peace Begins With Inner Peace,"  "Universal Peace," and  "Heightened Spiritual Perception."

9/14/11 -  I had a successful meeting at the Malibu Diner on 23rd street in New York City with Sara E. Woodhull, Director of Development at the College of Liberal Arts at Wright State University to trade updates on university-related events and New York interest in Karlovema.

9/4/11 - Another short promotional  videos for Karlovema entitled, "Karlovema: Embrace Peace and Exude Love Now" was created and posted on YouTube.

9/2/11 - In an attempt to maintain good public relations in spite of the recent cancellations, (i.e. the cancelled TV broadcast slated for August 22 and its accompanying LIVE show slated for the 30th,) two new videos by the titles of "Michael James Fry Presents: Karlovema" and "Karlovema: The Search for Truthful Virtue" are produced and posted on YouTube.

8/30/11 - The second Karlovema Show at The Original Village Gaslight is suddenly postponed without warning.

8/22/11 - Initial broadcast of the Karlovema film entitled "Paragraphs In The Park" is put on delay due to Hurricane Irene.

8/17/11 - SThis was the second day of shooting in Central Park for the Karlovema film entitled, "Paragraphs In The Park."

8/16/11 - A promotional flyer is created for the second Karlovema Show at The Original Village Gaslight.

8/12/11 - First day of shooting in Central Park for the Karlovema film entitled, "Paragraphs In The Park."

7/13/11 -  An underground video from the first presentation at The Gaslight is posted on YouTube.

7/9/11 -  WORLD DEBUT ~ FIRST EVER KARLOVEMA LIVE! SHOW: An introductory class upon the subject of Astrophysiotheology was followed by music from the opera, This happened at  The Original Village Gaslight, 116 MacDougal Street in Greenwich Village, New York City at 8:00 PM. This event historically marks the worldwide launch of the teaching of Karlovema to the free world. There is a brief, underground video posted to YouTube from that night; just click HERE to view it.

7/7/11 -  FIRST EVER KARLOVEMA RADIO INTERVIEW: I  was fortunate enough to be featured from 6-6:30 PM for my first ever radio interview about Karlovema on The Dusty Show, hosted by Clay Pigeon for WFMU 91.1 FM Radio from out of New Jersey.

7/6/11AT MIDNIGHT: This really was exactly when my famous "Midnight Radio Interview" with Clay Pigeon of WFMU 91.1 FM Radio took place on a secluded New York City street. 

7/4/11 KARLOVEMA is featured on the "Rant and Rave" TV Show (which is hosted by Tom Meade as Tommy Rant) on Time Warner Cable channel 56 in New York City at 11:30 pm. Michael, Elizabeth and her mother Rachel went to The Hollywood Diner that night (which is located at 6th Avenue and 16th Street) and watched the show on the flat-screen TV's.

6/24/11 -  A promotional flyer for KARLOVEMA LIVE! at "116" MacDougal street is created.

6/21/11 Day two of the shoot for the "Rant and Rave" TV show, which is a cable access television feature broadcast in New York City. The TV Special will highlight the first promotional movie about Karlovema along with additional footage shot outside of "116" MacDougal street. [live music and interviews].

6/20/11 - The first promotional movie about Karlovema is captured on video by Tom Meade, cable access TV Producer for Time Warner Cable channel 56 which is the MNN Network (i.e. The Manhattan Neighborhood Network) in New York City. Three music videos were shot on this date for the [edited] broadcast, including "Journey to the Center of Now," "Karmic Prayer" and "Glimpsing the Event Horizon."

6/14/11 -  I had a meeting with Thomas Sullivan, owner of The Original Village Gaslight (which is located at 116 MacDougal Street in Greenwich Village, New York City.) On this historic date, The Gaslight becomes the first underground headquarters for Karlovema - with evening meetings/showcases slated to occur every Tuesday night from 7 - 10 PM with the intent of generating attention to this website, the book and the opera; and also with the intent of optioning discussions upon the subjects of Karlovema and Astrophysiotheology. 

3/20/11 -  www.Karlovema.com is officially launched on the internet.

 Spring and Summer of 2010 - A very different and refined version of the new book is written and developed which contains a record of the original notion of "Astrophysiotheology" and a detailed exploration of "The Divine Autograph," along with the progressively-developing libretto. Much of the photography for the libretto occured during the latter months of the year and into early 2011.

 2009 - The music of my rock opera is formalized into a poetic libretto featuring multiple characters.

 2003 - 2008 - The first draft of the original book about Karlovema is written along with an accompanying epic poem, (which is NOT what became the current version of The Rock Opera.) Both the original book on Karlovema and the original epic poem that went with it became trapped in a crashed computer tower where they unfortunately remain to this day. The writing of the music for the opera (as it is today and without any poetry attached to it) occured during this time. In 2005, the largest and most elaborate version of The Diepots (which is the symbol for Karlovema) was drawn; and the first series of pencil drawings for Karlovema were drawn in 2006.

On June 21, 2006, for the first time, ever, I publically performed the music of Karlovema at a Shaolin Temple called IRON FLOWER DIVINE FITNESS which was located at 12 West 21st Street in NYC. On October 1, 2007, a man named Al Sullivan posted a poignant "Strawberry Fields" video tribute to George Harrison entitled, "The Day George Harrison Died," which prominently features me near the end of the viewing.

 3/3/01 - Karlovema is born in the mind of its author and the wheels begin rolling.

Thank you for visiting Karlovema.com.

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