We Praise Your Name

Yaweh we praise Your Name today with love.

We graze your highways, praying to the skies above.

The sorrow of tomorrow is what we pray against,

With Your insight in the lights, our souls are newly rinsed.

Careful we are by far to watch your Blessed Star, yea

From Bethlehem, then condemned by them who parlay

Your Truth by soothsaying their game into the Name of You –

Though soon the moon and the stars will shine your fine

New sign in the sky again, Dear Friend, in the Day of the End.

But let us not worry nor scurry about with fret,

For the game of life is full of strife without a safety net.

Yet, for today Your grace is quite enough for me

As I count upon You and Your Truth to set me free;

But when times are tough, and Truth is hard to see,

I look above and feel your Love deep inside me.

Saturday, June 10, 2015  5:47 pm

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